About CbP

What are Coffee by Products?

Coffee as we know is a plant that grows cherries that are processed as wet or dry to obtain the coffee beans that are use to prepare the drink that we know today after roasting.

Vietnam’s coffee exports stand second after Brazil, world coffee in 2012 totalled 113.1 million 60kg bags, of which Vietnam’s share stood at 25.47 million bags (IPSOS, July 2013). Vietnam’s coffee industry is projected to grow with the growing number and sophistication of the middle class in Asia, increased levels of trade among international and local players.

Despite these promising projections, Vietnam’s coffee industry is under pressure due to a mix of external and internal factors that threaten local producers and exporters. Vietnam needs to accommodate measures that will help to insulate the industry from market shocks, promote technological innovation and add on value product diversification.

Solution & Applications: Let’s improve what we can


By-products of coffee processing (the pulp and the husk), are overlooked and discarded. A Coffee by-Product (CbP) strategy can allow immediate technology innovation that will add value to a once discarded resource and create new products.

This will allow:

  • Waste Management in a sustainable way
  • Product/Income Diversification
  • Innovation with new technologies and Research & Development of new CbP’s.


Some examples of the applications and benefits of Coffee by-Products:


Pulp products (Mucilage)

Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Nutritional products, decaffeinated coffee of better quality, natural sweeteners.

Husk products

Animal feed: Raw material to substitute corn in the production of animal feed.

-Pulp, husk and the bean contain elevated levels of antioxidants (specifically the pholyphenol chlorogenic acid), proteins and minerals.

-Higher polyphenol levels than those found in grapes, green tea or acai berry.




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