About Author

Hi my name is Mauricio Murillo I am a coffee connoisseur judge for International coffee cupping competitions and a business person in coffee and coffee by products.

My background is in food engineering from Tadeo Lozano University, in which I graduated in 1986. I  also hold a background certificate in International gastronomy from SENA 1981, which led me to do my postgraduate certificate in Production systems 1987 at the Tadeo University, Colombia. I have always loved food and technologies, and have dedicated most of my life to creating, solving and consulting food solutions for my businesses and others.

Upon arriving to Australia I completed a diploma in Catering supervision and hotel management  which I completed between 1997 and 1998 at the Technology Australian Institution TAFE in Sydney.

After moving to Brisbane I specialised in a postgraduate Diploma focusing in R&D Research and Development in Food products at University of Queensland in 1999. By 2001 I started studying Sales and Marketing at TAFE where I stayed for three years and in 2001 I finish that degree while I was working as a sales representative of a coffee company.

In 2003 I decided to start my own Coffee school and attend Sarina Russo Institute to complete a Management of Small business Diploma that I used to set up my own company Mr Coffees BTS .

For the next 7 years I travelled to Italy and Europe and specialised my Barista skills by learning new techniques, such as cupping for espresso and blending etc. I was attending the Finest East Africa Coffee conference as a judge for cupping for competition and I was working with the coffee growers directly from different countries such as El Salvador Coffee Corp 2004, Colombia 2005, Peru 2006 in Barista training and specialty coffees, when I realised that more needs to be done about coffee waste and sustainability.

In 2010 I completed studies in high Education at Griffith University to improve teaching skills in delivering training and by 2013 I finished my Masters in Technology and Innovation Management with a major in Biotechnology at University of Queensland.

I am a self confessed student focused in learning about health and nutrition and have been working with food and coffee as a consultant for more than 25 years.

After many years of work with coffee, coffee machines and agroindustrial equipment for coffee process in Colombia and Brazil and with barista trining, consulting and importation in Australia, I started to work with coffee byproducts.

By combining all my skills and training I am now dedicated to innovation in our industry, with special focus on empowerment, technologies, innovation and sustainability.