What Are Coffee By-Products?

Ever wondered what coffee by-products are and how they can be useful for the industry?

coffee trees

Here is an introduction video explaining what they are and some examples of what they include.

Coffee byproducts are any products extracted from the coffee that can be used for uses other than as a coffee drink.

There already exist various methods of coffee by-products, such as clothes made from the coffee extract.

S.Cafe coffee clothes

The coffee clothes were formed from old coffee waste, and an idea was brewed to the rest of the world.

an easy by-product (sugar cubes)

This is nothing new and making by-products have been around for some 30 years. Dr Calle (1988) a Colombian coffee researcher and bio-technologist wrote a book about these uses which formed the basis of research conducted by Mauricio Murillo into coffee extract and usage in 2013.

Coffee pulp juice or honey- extracted from cherry

These are all examples of how coffee can be beneficial and more sustainable.

Facial cleaner made with coffee cherry pulp

Watch the video and enjoy!



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